The corporative is one of the leading retail companies in Norway, the fifth biggest in the Coop Norway retail chain. Coop Nord (CN) is the market leader in Troms county (44%), and one of the largest enterprises in Northern Norway having more than 1000 employees and a revenue of NOK 3,4 billion in 2018. CN has 61 stores including 2 hypermarkets and 3 malls, with products; groceries, electronics, sports, clothes, building/construction.

Their new CEO decided to utilize the most modern and well established methodology, Corporate Governance (CG), in their strategy process, and Straterio was hired to facilitate the strategy process and operationalize their CG preparing for smart application support. This resulted in a mutual collaboration and innovation using both sides experience from banks and finance. The goal was to balance opportunities/promises in the strategic goals with risks – providing more realistic objectives for the strategy 2019 – 2023. In this process CN expanded its existing relation with Straterio by purchasing the Straterio 4D assessment application, focusing on Straterio as an integral part of their Corporate Governance and strategy process.

CN discovered the speed of Straterio responding to inputs from CN, resulting in high acceptance from the board and several other Coop’s. The Straterio utilization of PowerApps is crucial and accelerates a small IT-company to high performance on short term scales – hours/days. CN is using the Straterio modules Analysis and Improvements, and plan to expand by using Power BI for Dashboards (synergy with other demands), surveys and participate in AI solution development.

Coop Nord is on a solid path for establishing Future Awareness, and the forward looking CEO assessments are: “The Straterio solution will make Coop as a retail chain stronger and competitive, more future oriented and robust. There is a demand for the Straterio solution in Coop to empower Corporate Governance and integrated risk analysis. I would like to see the solution expanded to other Coop’s”